The folks at dvlug interview the one and only Jono Bacon, the author of “The Art of Community” and Ubuntu community manager. We talk about Jono’s book, his experience with community management, Jokosher, and much much more.

Grant Bowman
Bethany Doolin
Ian Lynn
Special Guests:
Jono Bacon (aka not the real Mark Shuttleworth)
Mark Terranova
Robert Wall




Check out Jono’s projects and these sites we talk about in the interview!
Jono’s creative commons band, Severed Fifth.
The Art of Community
The excellect podcast recording tool for Linux, Jokosher!
JonoBacon@home where you can go beyond the podcats and discover more about Jono’s creative projects.

Visit the website of Mark Terranova, our very own Fedora ambassador and photographer.

Don’t forget the home of, where you can find all of us the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month @ Cafe LaScala in downtown Walnut Creek, CA.